Closet Size Is On the Rise

CLOSET SIZE IS ON THE RISE – so let’s add a few drawers!

So, what’s the big deal about adding drawers to closets?  A few years ago, the concept of adding a convenient opportunity to hide your stuff – in a drawer, that you can shut and potentially never see the need to open again – seemed like a bad idea.  More recently, however, after talking through changes in housing floor plans as well as trending personal organizational needs, we were convinced of their importance and proceeded to add drawer units to our product line. 

In upscale housing, there has been a trend evolving toward shifting a portion of traditional bedroom square footage to the master walk-in closet.   In fact, some plans show closet square footage making up about 1/3 of the space assigned to the master suite.  Historically, most of the square footage was devoted to the “living” space of the master suite; but then master bathrooms began to get bigger and most recently closet size is on the rise.   Another shift in master suites is the proximity of the walk-in closet to the master bathroom.  While the master closet has always been near the master bath, today it’s not unusual for the door to your master closet to be located inthe master bath.   

This is the reason that drawers now make sense in walk-in closets. People have more stuff than ever before and they want quick and easy access to it.  Time is precious; life is precious!  We want to be dressed and ready to see the world – or at least our children – when we walk out of our bathroom each morning.  We also want to be able to shut that door behind us and feel the calm of a neat and orderly living space.  This can’t be accomplished without sophisticated, well planned organizational space.  

“All things wardrobe” should be in one convenient place, so we aren’t running, half covered by a towel, into the bedroom to get our undergarments from our dresser, before we dress. This requires drawers – yes, in your closet.  Personal items well suited to life behind a closed drawer inside your master closet include undergarments, socks, jewelry, and pajamas.  And don’t worry about emptying your bedroom dresser; that’s a great storage area for off-season clothing and specialty items such as ski wear and bathing suits.  These items do not need to take up precious master closet space in a well-designed master suite – unless, of course, you are a swimming/snow ski instructor.      

If you are in the midst of building your dream home, give much consideration to incorporating drawers into your master walk-in closet, so there is appropriate storage space for your everyday personal items.   If you are thinking about remodeling, consider the long term reward associated with improving storage areas.  For a relatively small investment, the return is amazing.   Even if you are thinking of selling your home, attention to detail in storage areas can be the one thing that sets your house apart from others in the price range.   And in every case, be sure to “open up and pull out a new level of storage options” by checking out the Cope website at


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